What to do on the second date

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Congratulations on obtaining a second date. There are some things you can do to have the opportunity to get a third and fourth Date:

Continue knowing your Date.
Stay with pretty short dates.
Keep it positive.
Final opportunity.
Do not rush anything
Congratulate and talk about how you see your relationship.
Do what you did on your first date.
Choose Themes carefully.
Reference the first date.
On the second date, you must still be on stage, where you really do not know your date, and you still need to know them. Having said that, however, the second date is not the time for long night discussions, so keep the dates short, a maximum of 4 hours is the general rule. You do not want you to have a date to think, you are being held against your will!

You should keep it positive, so do not talk about your ex-partners. Do not complain and say nobody loves you. Also, do not talk about sex, women find that it goes off completely.

Sometimes, the First date could have been horrible, but you want to give them another chance. People can work a lot during the first dates, which does affect them. If the Second Date is still tense, then simply surrender and do not give them another chance.
Do not jump directly into the kisses on the Second date, maybe this is more of a Third Date kind. If you rush into things, you will realize that you are not sincere.

You should congratulate your Date and talk about where you see your relationship during your relationship, so you do not have to wait until the end of the Date to discuss this. Your Date will love hearing compliments.

You must continue doing whatever you did on the first date. If you held the doors open or removed the chair so that your Date is felt on your First Date, then you should definitely continue doing it on the Second Date. If you just stop doing it, then you will think that everything was just an act and that it will not be so impressive.

You should open a little more than on your First Date. Why not invent some shameful stories to tell your Date, and this will allow your Date to feel much closer to you because you want to know everything about yourself, and if they are funny and interesting stories, then that is even better! People like others who can laugh at themselves.

Try to open on your Second Date, and everyone will be a bit nervous on their First Date, which is perfectly understandable. Make jokes about yourself to show that it is a good sport, and do not mind laughing at yourself.

Avoid talking about sensitive issues such as religion and politics, you may not know exactly what your Date thinks about these issues, and you do not want to rub them the wrong way. It is best to talk about these things on other dates, the second date is not the right time, it would only cause discomfort.

You should also refer to the first Date, remember all the things you learned about your Date during the first Date, and mention that. This shows that you were not only listening and paying attention but that you were also genuinely interested. It’s even better if the last time your Date told you they were doing something, now you can ask them how it happened.

Ask your Date how they came to the shows, what they thought of among their Dates, this is a very enduring quality.

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